Effort is mental or physical energy that is exerted in order to achieve a purpose. Very few people in life put forth the kind of effort that extends beyond the point of exhaustion. The most successful people in life don’t attempt to do things…. they simply skip that initial step of “what if” and start right in with the “when I conquer this quest that is before me the next step is going to be bigger, better and greater” …… In other words they have learned to harness the power of believing in themselves, and the effort that they are capable of putting forth to the point of absolute self-confidence. Meaning that no matter the goal, difficulty, or circumstances they will have a winning or desirable outcome.

How many times in life have you been angry or down right mad about something to the point that your body temperature rises. What if you had that same intensity or adrenaline rush in regards to positive endeavors in life. What most people fail to realize is that there is amazing power in falling to the ground and having the ability to stand back up, because if you hit the ground hard enough or one too many times you will make sure that you never see it again.

So which way will you choose? You can make an “attempt” to do an abundance of things in life, or you can put forth an endless “effort” to constantly improve all the things in your life. An attempt is just that an attempt to get the job done but an effort implies that unless you give up or die you will never be done improving your life. Take advantage of having the ability to put forth your best effort starting today and see where it takes you and your life. Remember often times in life the most talented people are at the top because they simply worked harder and gave an effort beyond the point of  exhaustion, but amazingly they were born with the same gifts and abilities as you, me and the rest of the world! The only difference is that where most people quit and give up the most talented people are just getting started because their best effort is always their STARTING POINT!!!


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Why are so many of us reluctant to admit that the internet plays an important role in our everyday activity? Is it shame, uncertainty, embarrassment, ignorance, or just plain silly?

The internet is nothing more then the modern day telephone with the element of sight added into the mix. The whole point of communication is to express oneself while letting the other party involved discover who you are.

Is it possible to see a person through words on a screen? Absolutely, in fact most of the time a few written sentences will be a better indicator than a mouth full of “BS,” as to what kind of person is before you. In other words, when you can see the “BS” in front of you, you’re less likely to step in it.

The bottom line is this…there is no magic to online sites, if you are a jerk, freak, nerd, player, geek, ugly, hot, fat, sexy, in real life the same applies online (eventually the truth will be revealed). The computer is only as dumb as we make it!

There is nothing new under the sun, it’s all been here since day one. Don’t give the computer a bad reputation just because it’s a visual reflection of the crazy world we live in. It’s amazing how much more we can see and understand when we use our brains, eyes and ears! Just like the telephone if you don’t want to talk just hang up. The real truth is that to most people sites like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace have become their Best Friends!


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Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson, Babe Ruth, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and this list could go on forever but what if Michael Jordan never held a basketball or Martin Luther King Jr. never made that famous “I Have a Dream Speech”?

Life is a complex and mystifying phenomenon. If we believe in the notion that everyone is put on this earth for a reason and purpose, what happens when some of those people never make it into the world to see or achieve their mission or purpose in life?

What if you were personally responsible for stopping slavery, or inventing electricity, how about the vaccinations for so many deadly viruses? How far we have advanced in our civilization is a major accomplishment, but how far we could have advanced, or how many wars and tragedies we could have prevented is a better question! If only that unborn soul was allowed to become!

Abortion is a tuff topic, but look at it this way, use your imagination and imagine the following- You can hear but you can not speak, trapped inside of your mother’s womb, you kick, scream, and cry but your efforts are not heard… Over and over you hear the words I am going to kill it, and your heart starts to race, tears start to flow and yet your voice is not heard… I am not here to force any woman to do anything that she does not want to do but switch places with all the unborn babies in the world who can not speak. Do you choose life or death? Very few things in life go on forever, but its amazing that both life and death last forever with a revolving door on each side- don’t stop the door from turning because without it, the puzzle of life would forever be a box of puzzle pieces that’s missing the most important part ,which is the expression of life! No words, no misunderstandings, its a picture that paints a thousands words, which has the ability to be different to each of us, so now imagine a picture of a dead fetus and ask yourself is that a story you want to tell? One that is void of life but yet it expresses a story of great sorrow, and what could have been…


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I’M NOT AFRAID … sometimes life just gets to the point where we need to scream with all that we are, and all that we have- inside life burns with so much frustration that we literally feel strong enough to crush planet earth! What to say? What to do? What’s next? How will this ever work out?

Imagine having the power to dig deep, see the whole picture, ripping yourself inside, only to find that you are made of the hardest substance on earth, and that you can shine no matter what, because you are a diamond!

“ I’m not afraid to take a stand”

Fear has limits, all we have to do is stand up and face them head on aiming right at the heart… bulls eye total self examination with the ability to be yourself regardless of the moment (good or bad)…with an aura of confidence that’s so strong that smiling, and feeling good about throwing your middle finger up at the world is always an option, because you understand that you can be what ever you set out to be and taking over the world is just a starting point because your dreams are bigger than life itself!

“Everybody come take my hand we’ll walk this road together, through the storm whatever weather, cold or warm just let you know that, you’re not alone”

The word together exists for a reason, and when multiplied by such words as friends, and family, it will always leave you invincible. If you choose to stand as one, endurance will deceive you as the rubber band of life starts to stretch, you will soon be faced with the reality that there is no such thing as a single rubber band that can be stretched to infinity. In other words, none of us can hold the world on our backs as we are just not built like that as one. But united no matter how hot it gets, knowing that diamonds are made under heat and pressure reveals to us that it’s possible to come up in the world from the depths of hell!

“Holla if you feel that you’ve been down the same road”

There is nothing new under the sun! How we handle our day to day business is always in our control! Have you ever stopped to notice that your life is crying out for you to take on the heat and become a jewel, gem, or precious individual that’s so strong that you need a magnifying glass to see its cracks? Get your Diamond on! Thanks Eminem, your words seem to express what I feel in my deepest being within my heart beat, blood stream, and mind, so this is my Holla to you because I have been down the same road All I’m tryna say is get back, click-clack BLAOW Cause I ain’t playin’ around!

RAW (listen to the song “I’m Not Afraid”)

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Charm is that most creative quality that delights or attracts. It’s the kind of thing that never stays the same. It mutates every few minutes in order to maintain an aura of magic and control. Why are humans so attracted to charm and often fooled by it?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because charm is faceless! Its equivalent to those imaginary friends we all had as kids when we use to play “make believe.” In our minds those friends were real and their lure was uncontrollable, because they had the potential to do and be what ever we wanted. The imagination is infinite and because of this we often go beyond what’s happen at the moment because we are focused on the end result and not the journey. Remember that life will provide you with many rewards if you recognize and enjoy the process in order to learn from each of life’s experiences as they occur. The sooner you reach you goal the sooner your greatness ends (think about that for a second).

This charm phenomenon happens in life when we go out on some of those first dates only to realize that we have been charmed and the person that’s sitting before us is not the same person that was so smooth on the phone with the talented vocal skills. LOL Charm can capture our attention pretty effortlessly because of its ability to manipulate any given situation, but it is void of endurance and it is for this reason that it wears off eventually. In other words charm is the kind of trait that only has the power to sustain itself for as long as it is performed or practiced. Beware my friends of the kind of charm that is here today and gone the next, avoid it at all cost. If you are asking yourself so how does one do that, the answer is simple PAY ATTENTION!!!! The more you pay attention the more you learn the difference between substance and bullshit.


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Ecstasy by definition is a feeling of intense delight. Often times in life because of work, family, kids, friends, school, or even relationships we tend to over look the multitude of simple pleasures that surrounds us everyday. How about those mornings when you wake up early, only to realize that you have a few more hours to sleep.

Then, there is that day where you find those old jeans you’ve been neglecting to wear for a while and in the pocket you find a ten dollar bill. What about standing in line waiting to pay for that new outfit only to find out that its on sale and it cost less than expected (damn should have picked up two)! Let’s not forget about some of those comments that just seem to happen at just the right time… Like “hello, wow, have you been working out? You look amazing today,” or “is that outfit new it looks great on you.”

Then there’s the imagination that sets up a variety of simple thoughts of work, or school ending early for the day… in your mind you can see the car ride home… quick stop at the market to pick up your favorite ice cream while thinking about how good its going to taste later that night – as you watch your favorite T.V. show, in your favorite old raggedy but yet comfortable house outfit. Oh yeah, and lets not forget about the joy we feel when glazing at our cell phones caller I.D. knowing that you don’t want to talk to the person on the other end and you don’t have to answer the phone…(LMAO we all do it)

Sometimes in life rather than complain you just have to sit back and say to yourself “you know my life doesn’t suck!” If we all stop and pay attention just a little bit more each day, I think we would all discover that joy is found all around us if we take the time to STOP LOOK AND LISTEN… remember learning that in grade school?


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Hope, by definition is a feeling that something desirable is likely to happen. Sometimes in life hope is all we have to hold onto – it’s right up there with a belief in a higher authority. Hope gives us strength when our bodies have nothing left to give. Hope allows our dreams to have longevity when the end seems near. Hope shows us love and support even when those we love sometimes fail. Hope keeps us young as we get older and makes us older when we are younger. To me it’s the best kept secret in life, with hope we can overcome the unknown and pursue what ever our hearts desire.

Understand that everyday is a gift and a challenge, with hope we are grateful for the gift of life and excited about any challenge that may fall upon us. Without hope and faith humans would give up on a lot of things. Hope and faith are like oxygen and water we must have both or survival becomes impossible.

In an ideal world, we would all have giant smiles on our faces thinking about the things we want to happen in life but that’s not always the case due to certain obstacles that seem to come and go. Starting today, hope for a better future dream for a better tomorrow and know that the only way to get there is one step at a time. The good news is that hope is free and we can have as much of it as we desire. It is my wish that we all take advantage of the fact that hope in most cases brings about a brighter dream and starts the motion towards optimal courage and fulfillment!


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The Day After

Well, yesterday was here and now it’s gone, just as the days before and after it, it lasted about 24 hours. Take a look around everything is still the same with the exception of all us being one day older.

Love is not some random force or freak accident of nature that needs to be hyped up by the notion that out of 366 days in a year we are considerate enough to donate one day in the name of love….. Just ask yourself if you made a chart comparing yesterday to most every other day, what are the differences and should there really be an abundance of temporary changes in professing ones love?

Consistency is a beautiful thing a card, chocolate, teddy bear, jewelry, or any gift for that matter is nothing more than a note that reads “I LOVE YOU.” In other words it can be in the form of a phone call, a hug, a simple good morning, a wink of the eye, a simple good night, a smile, and most of all, an aura of emotions that plays over and over like a broken record letting you know that no matter what, the number one love in your life is always and should always be yourself.

No one in this world will ever love you or your family as much as you do, and when you venture outside of that realm in the name of love, it is important to know that you are saying “Hey, I like me, I am not perfect, but I am still working on me, and the best part about me is that I am stuck with me, so I have no choice but to love and appreciate me each and everyday because being me is a gift and a blessing that happens 366 days of the year and not just on Valentines Day!

When you love yourself to the point that you don’t care about what others think, then and only then does the gift of love become a gift in which you are entitled to share with others and trust me it comes and goes just as being single does, but the beauty of truly understanding love is knowing that you cant ever be single from yourself.

This message is intended to trigger the mind into understanding that no one is ever left out or should feel sad on Valentines Day, because the first and number one love of your life is you, and guess what, you were born with that love the moment you entered this world!!!

Happy Day After


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It is a quiet beast that lives in all of us! Sometimes it’s just a thought or a personal “momentito,” that allows us to be naughty or nice. It can produce such reactions as a simple smile, or it can elevate the temperature in any room to sizzling! By definition, Lust is any intense desire or craving for self gratification. Lust can mean strictly sexual, although it is also common to speak of a “Lust for life when referring to things such as food, materialistic items or danger”

We have all had those moments where we see a fine individual and that little inner person with in us, steps to the front and starts saying things like - “OOOOO, OH MY GOD YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO TO YOU…LUCKY I HAVE A SIGNIFICANT OTHER, BUT DAMN THAT DOES NOT MEAN I CAN’T LOOK. NOW TURN AROUND SO I CAN CHECK YOU OUT!”

The beauty of lusting after something is that it allows for exploration of the human mind with just the right amount of exaggeration. It’s not the actual action that turns our hormones on, or makes us want to go full steam ahead, but it’s the notion of utter joy and perfection mixed with the imagination that allows us to recreate the seen in our minds over and over again while editing the story to perfection.

Ever wonder why in our imagination scenarios are so perfect but in reality they never seem to meet our exact expectations? Well, it’s because when we lust using our imagination we perform from the inside out, and when we execute the actions in reality; we perform from the outside in. In other words, when we lust mentally there are no question marks. It is absolutely clear as to what, and how we want things to be, but when we actually perform these tasks the over all grade, reaction, and activity is based on the enjoyment, and approval of the other person. Meaning we deviate from our own person lustful satisfactions, because acceptance and approval by the other party overrides our personal patterns of exploration, and we become servants without even knowing it. This my friends, is my theory as to why those breath taking lust affairs appear perfect in the brain but less than perfect in reality.


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Ever wonder why the human mind is quite capable of producing voices when there is not an actual person talking to you? You know it’s that voice of your conscious inner mind that rings over and over in your head like a blazing fire alarm. Whispers have a way of some times being louder than the human voice itself.

The interesting thing about whispers or silent voices of the mind is that they reveal or remind us of our deepest thoughts and most often our truest thoughts. So then the real question becomes how do we know when to pay attention or ignore those little voices that are most often in contrast to what we desire most? Confirmation from close friends or a specialist won’t make the voices go away. The only thing that will resolve these matters in the correct manner are multiple voices. For example are the voices in your heart and mind in agreement with the reality of the world? Meaning, even if the heart and mind are in disagreement as to what the truth is in any given situation, you can be assured that life is providing very powerful hints as to which voice should be acted upon.

The major problem with whispers of the human conscious is that they are rarely translated into a volume that can be heard or seen by others. A one man team in life is the quickest way to ensure ultimate defeat, based on the premise that words like family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and best friends exist for a reason. Name one team that has won a major championship with only one man on the field. Better yet, name the title of a great story that was never told… “You” get the point. Without expression and support our most inner thoughts just becomes an untold story that will never grow because no one knows about it.  The band wagon of annoying little voices will start to multiply because there is no outlet or exit for them to materialize or be destroyed.

Today’s message is intended to remind us that sometimes our mind, body and soul screams out for attention when change is needed. We should recognize that these particular humanistic qualities lack the ability to talk in a verbal manner, so its up to us to make sure our expressions - whether silent or out a loud don’t end up on the “What could have happened if I only listen to myself. One thing is for sure in life, and that is the fact that once today is gone, tomorrow wont replace it - so pay attention to today, because it makes for a better tomorrow!


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